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We have just seen the bombings in Brussels. The western world is aghast. We are victims of terrorism. However, the roots of this problem happen to go back a long way, in fact to 1948. In that year, the state of Israel was born. What happened then? Western governments the world over gave recognition to Israel, completely ignoring the other side of the issue, which was the Palestinian people. The charge was led by God's Own Country, the United States of America, which not only recognised the state of Israel, but proceeded to give it substantial support. This support enabled Israel to win wars and go on thumbing its nose at the Arab/Muslim world, while pretending the Palestinians did not exist.

Then came the events of 1979, when the Shah of Iran was kicked out and replaced by an Islamic state. The new Islamic government of Iran proceeded to declare war on Israel, and from that moment, jihad was born. In other words, the jihad we have seen in the last few decades has been the direct result of Israel and American support for Israel. Naturally, God's Own Country and the west generally have been completely oblivious to the nuances of this problem.

The jihad started in Iran, but did not end there. It spread throughout the Muslim world and into the western world, where there was a substantial Muslim population.  The result is that we in the west find ourselves having to deal with a serious "security" problem, which erupts from time to time in "terrorist" activities, such as the bombings we have just seen in Brussels in March 2016, the attacks in Paris and, of course, 9/11.

So, what do we do?

1. We have to start by recognising that there is a war going on, which means we have to stop pretending we are living in a time of peace. On the contrary, we are living in a time of war and we have to start acting accordingly.

2. We have to recognise that we have given the Arab/Muslim world good reason to hate us, by supporting Israel and doing things like invading Iraq in 2003. Given our actions and policies over the last few decades or so, why shouldn't they hate us?

3. All countries that have diplomatic relations with Israel should break off relations with that country, impose sanctions and tell the Israelis there will be no normalisation of relations until the Palestinians have their homeland.

4. We should apologise for the invasion of Iraq, a completely unprovoked, unjustified and murderous attack that only added to the list of grievances (and for which George W. Bush should be on trial for crimes against humanity).

5. There should be a complete moratorium on immigration between Muslim and non-Muslim countries until jihad is over and everything settles down. Why? Because there is a war on.