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My contention is that political correctness started as a legitimate movement against discrimination but soon turned into a secular religion, in which there is no room for disagreement, which is treated as heresy. These days, we don't call them heretics, we call them racists.




16 December, 2015

So Angie Merkel wants to take 800,000 alleged refugees into her country. Like all the PC bleeding hearts, she can't see there is a war going on.
Fact: It is known that ISIS are infiltrating their own people into the ranks of refugees, so they can penetrate Western countries disguised as refugees and supported by the Politically Correct.
Fact: A certain percentage of Muslim refugees will inevitably sympathise with ISIS or jihad generally.
Fact: A certain percentage of them will be radicalised sooner or later because that is what tends to happen sooner or later.
Has Angie gone mad? Yes, she has, and for this act of insanity, she is lauded as the Person of the Year. It should be fuckwit of the year.
Truly, the whole Western world has gone mad (which is otherwise known as Western decadence).




30 November, 2015

There are three things we have to do. 

First, we have to realize that the Third World War has started. We're not living in a time of peace. We're living in a time of war and we have to behave accordingly.

Second, we have to realize that by supporting Israel unconditionally, and by invading Iraq, we have given the Arab/Muslim world good reason to hate us. Thus, all countries that have diplomatic relations with Israel should break off relations and tell Israel there will be no normalisation of relations until the Palestinians have their homeland. We should also apologise for the unprovoked attack on Iraq.

Third, there has to be a complete moratorium on immigration between Muslim countries and non-Muslim countries.



24 November, 2015

Political correctness started as a legitimate movement, but soon turned into a McCarthyist witchhunt, but instead of finding Reds under the bed, they find racists under the bed. In fifty years or so, people will look back and see that what is going on now was actually a McCarthyist witchhunt which started with perfectly legitimate purposes, but soon went off the rails.



Om racist
Om offensive
Om exploitation
Om multiculturalism
Om it's a religion of peace

and the latest:

Om social cohesion (used whenever there is the slightest hint of criticism of a minority group, implying that you're jeopardising "social cohesion" by criticising that group; in other words, minorities are a sacred cow)



So now we are seeing large numbers of Muslims desperately trying to get into non-Muslim countries in Europe.

First question: why are all these Muslims trying so hard to get into non-Muslim countries? 

Second question: why aren't Muslim countries offering to take these people in?

All over the world, there is a consistent pattern: Muslims trying to get into non-Muslim countries. Why would this be?

I can already hear the Politically Correct screaming "Racist!! Racist!!", as they always do. Well, guys, go ahead and scream. Go ahead and play the race card, as you always do. You can play the race card all you like, but the fact is that Muslims all over the world are trying desperately to get into non-Muslim countries. In other words, Muslims are trying to leave the Muslim world. There aren't many non-Muslims clamouring to get into the Muslim world, but there are plenty of Muslims trying to leave the Muslim world. Why is this the case?



The worst religion in the world -- the Church of Political Correctness (CPC) -- started as a perfectly legitimate movement against discrimination. It seemed to start with the women's movement, then gay lib etc, and broadened into a general movement against discrimination. That was justified and legitimate. But then something happened: it turned into a secular religion. This tends to happen these days, because there is such a spiritual vacuum in western society, so just about anything can flow into the vacuum and turn into a secular religion. It happened with the conservation movement, which was a perfectly legitimate and laudable movement with a justified concern for protecting the environment. Then it turned into a secular religion.

The same thing happened with Political Correctness, which was perfectly legitimate to start with, but it took only about five or six minutes to turn into a secular religion. In no time at all, this legitimate social movement had transmogrified into a ferocious secular religion that tolerated no disagreement. They were the priesthood. They declared the dogmas and doctrines, and the rest of us mere plebs were expected to accept everything they said. If you didn't believe every word they spoke, you were a heretic; but these days, we don't call them heretics, we call them racists. "Racist" is the modern word for "heretic".



Over the years, an intimate relationship has developed between two particular world religions. One has been adopted by the other. That is, Islam has been adopted by the secular religion of Political Correctness. The followers of the Church of Political Correctness (as I like to call it) have adopted Islam as their very own "cause de celebre", ie their favourite lap dog, which they cuddle and caress to show how PC they are. Supporting Muslims has become the standard PC way of showing how PC you are. In fact, the word Muslims has, in itself, become a kind of shibboleth. You only have to utter the word "Muslims" in a vaguely sympathetic tone of voice, and you've established your PC credentials.

Never mind how patronising this is towards Muslims.



At this stage of the 21st century, there are three major issues confronting the world. The first is the decadence of the western world and whether it can find spiritual renewal. The second is the clash between the western world and Islam. The third is the environment.

Setting the third issue aside for a moment, I'd like to look at the first two issues. Western civilisation for the past two thousand years has been based on Christianity. I myself am not a Christian, but the fact is that Christianity has been conducive to democracy and has allowed it to develop and prosper. In short, I must declare a bias: I believe in democracy. Why? Because I want to be able to express my opinions without having to worry about being sent to a concentration camp or getting death threats. I am not biased towards Christianity, but I am certainly biased towards democracy.

Now, at this early stage of the 21st century, we find ourselves in a society without a moral compass of any kind, without any clear sense of meaning, values or purpose. The Christian era has finished, died a natural death. It cannot be resurrected (unlike its saviour). With it has gone our sense of values and purpose. So, we are left with a yawning spiritual vacuum. Into this vacuum pours a host of secular interests that have a tendency to turn into secular religions, just by way of filling the spiritual vacuum. Just about any secular cause or issue can turn into a secular religion. It happened quickly with the conservation movement, and even more quickly with the movement known as Political Correctness. Political Correctness, a perfectly legitimate movement against discrimination, rapidly turned into the Church of Political Correctness (CPC), which I have discussed in more detail below (9 September 2015).

So, we have our spiritual vacuum. The question is, can we find spiritual renewal, or is spiritual emptiness to be our lot forever? Personally, I believe there will be a spiritual renewal, and when it comes, it will be largely influenced by India, the spiritual powerhouse of the world.

In the meantime, we have our yawning spiritual vacuum and, unfortunately, nothing but the Church of Political Correctness (CPC) to fill it. At the same time, we have the influx of a very different kind of culture, which is currently populating the western world. This population shift is taking place just when the western world is at its weakest, with no spiritual foundation or sense of meaning, values or purpose. We welcome it in the name of the Church of Political Correctness, subsidise it and accuse anyone who criticises it of being a racist. In our zealous determination to avoid racism, we refuse to ask whether this new culture coming into the west is compatible with western democracy.



The first law of Political Correctness is: minorities are sacred cows. You can't criticise a minority. If you criticise a minority, you're a -- (take a deep breath) -- RACIST!! This is why the PC will not allow any scrutiny of "minority" religions: because minorities are sacred cows. 

It doesn't matter what these other religions are actually like, what their teachings are, etc etc. None of that matters; if it's a perceived minority, it's a sacred cow



1. Disagreement is defined as racism

2. Anything you dislike is defined as offensive

3. Giving someone a job is defined as punishment

4. A religion that says "kill unbelievers" is defined as a religion of peace

5. A prostitute ripping off lonely customers is defined as the exploitation of women

6. Twelve hundred people drowning at sea is defined as compassion

George Orwell would have been impressed.